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Research in Law Publications examines business and international law from a global perspective, with a focus on gender and aboriginal equity, activism and copyright. This research has an impact not just on other scholars, but also on domestic and international policy, business, health, government, and civil litigation.


Submissions from 1995


Select Bibliography Of Women's Human Rights, Valerie Oosterveld and Rebecca J. Cook


The Canadian Bankruptcy Act of 1919: Public Legislation or Private Interest?, Thomas G. W. Telfer

The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, Thomas G. W. Telfer

Submissions from 1994

Controlling the Quality of Community Information An Analysis of the Effects on Dissemination of the Differences Between I&R Agencies and Community Networks, Margaret Ann Wilkinson

Submissions from 1993

Refugee Status for Female Circumcision Fugitives: Building a Canadian Precedent, Valerie Oosterveld


A Study of the Effect of Controlling the Flow of Information through Imposition of Statutes, Margaret Ann Wilkinson


Shifting the Balance of Copyright Control for Photographic Works in Canada, Margaret Ann Wilkinson and Charles Painter

Submissions from 1992

Larceny in the Library: A Question of Human Resources Management?, Margaret Ann Wilkinson and John Provost Wilkinson

Submissions from 1991

Extending Freedom of Information and Privacy Legislation to Municipalities in Ontario, Margaret Ann Wilkinson

What are Users' Views on Seniors in the Public Library, Margaret Ann Wilkinson and Bryce Allen

Submissions from 1990

What do our "Senior Citizens" Want from Public Libraries?, Margaret Ann Wilkinson

Submissions from 1988


The Effects of Entry Arrangement on Search Times: a Cross-Generational Study, Margaret Ann Wilkinson, Patricia V. Burt, and M.T. Kinnucan

Submissions from 1984

Three Hypotheses: The Meaning of the Terms "Librarian" and "Information Scientist" are Examined, Margaret Ann Wilkinson

Submissions from 1983

Not Really Unloved or Unwanted (Editor's Title), Margaret Ann Wilkinson