Business Publications



Submissions from 2017


Contracts to Promote Optimal Use of Optional Diagnostic Tests in Cancer Treatment, Salar Ghamat, Gregory S. Zaric, and Hubert Pun

Submissions from 2013

Le rôle de la labellisation dans la construction d'un marché - Le cas de l'ISR en France, Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Samer Hobeika, Jean-Pierre Ponssard, and Sylvaine Poret

Submissions from 2009


A Multicultural Comparison of Engineering Students: Implications to Teaching and Learning, Zaki Shkair Seddigi, Luiz Fernando Capretz, and David House

Submissions from 2002


Personality Perceptions of Medical School Applicants, R. Blake Jelley, Michael A. Parkes, and Mitchell G. Rothstein