History Publications



Submissions from 2009


Memory, Orality and Life Records: Proofs of Age in Tudor England, Margaret McGlynn


Of Good Name and Fame in the Countrey’: Standards of Conduct for Henry VII’s Financial Officials, Margaret McGlynn

Labourers on the Rideau Canal, 1826-1832: From Work Site to World Heritage Site, Katherine McKenna


Myth and Migration: Unpicking the Career of the Reverend John Sprott, Barbara C. Murison

Ambitions Tamed: Urban Expansion in Pre-revolutionary Lyon, Pierre Claude Reynard

Fighting Words: Imperial Censorship and the Russian Press, 1804-1906, Charles A. Ruud

The Constant Diplomat: Robert Ford in Moscow, Charles A. Ruud

The Crime Scene, the Evidential Fetish and the Usable Past, William J. Turkel

It Costs Something to Learn Something: Property Rights, Information Costs and the Struggle at Fish Lake, William J. Turkey

A History of Canadian Culture, Jonathan F. Vance

Bamboo Cage: The P.O.W. Diary of Flight Lieutenant Robert Wyse, 1942-1943, Jonathan F. Vance

Submissions from 2008


Office-Holding and Holding onto Office: Duration of Military Captaincies in Elizabeth I’s Armies, 1579-1603, William Acres


University Curriculum and Religions: Museum, Mausoleum, or Mansion?, William Acres


Interchange: The Promise of Digital History, Daniel J. Cohen, Michael Frisch, Patrick Gallagher, Steven Mintz, Kirsten Sword, Amy Murrell Taylor, William G. Thomas III, and William J. Turkel


JAP – Jewish And Passed-over: The Invisibility of Single Jewish Women in Issues of Intermarriage and Conversion, Monda Halpern and Sonia Halpern

Borders Within: First Nations and Anthropology in Victorian Ontario, Michelle A. Hamilton

Jews and the Zichy Estate: A Case Study in Magnate-Jewish Relations, Howard N. Lupovitch


Navigating Rough Waters: Alexander Kohut and the Hungarian Roots of Conservative Judaism, Howard N. Lupovitch


Writing the History of Canadian Parks: Past, Present, and Future, Alan MacEachern


The Wake of Wellington: Englishness in 1852 (review), Allyson N. May


Review of In the Midst of Alarms: The Untold Story of Women and the War of 1812 by Dianne Graves., Katherine McKenna

Working Life at the Isthmus, Rideau Canal, 1827-1831, Katherine McKenna


GATT and the Cold War: Accession Debates, Institutional Development, and the Western Alliance, 1947–1959, Francine McKenzie

Lapidary Inscriptions: Rhetoric, Reality and the Baillies of Mellerstain, Barbara C. Murison


Archibald Campbell's Enquiry into the Original of Moral Virtue, Presbyterian Orthodoxy, and the Scottish Enlightenment, Anne Skoczylas