History Publications


Research in History Publications covers a broad range of subjects, tracing and uncovering their changes over time. Researchers examine pasts of societies around the globe, focusing on culture, international relations, war, health, business, and environment.


Submissions from 2010


Review of The Congrégation de Notre –Dame, Superiors, and the Paradox of Power, 1693-1796 by Colleen Gray, Katherine McKenna


The GATT–EEC Collision: The Challenge of Regional Trade Blocs to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, 1950–67, Francine McKenzie


The Rhetoric of Trade and the Pragmatism of Policy: Canadian and New Zealand Commercial Relations with Britain, 1920-1950, Francine McKenzie

Review of The Information Master: Jean-Baptiste Colbert's Secret State Intelligence System, by Jacob Soll, Pierre Reynard

Reaching for a Natural Authority: The Rhône in Eighteenth-Century Lyon, Pierre Claude Reynard


Debating Russia's Choice between Great Britain and Germany: Count Benckendorff versus Count Lamsdorff, 1902–1906, Marina Soroka

Researching Asia in Canada, Geoffrey Stewart

The Cold War: The Nonaligned States (since 1955), Geoffrey Stewart

Review of The William Howard Taft Presidency by Louis L. Gould, Geoffrey C. Stewart


Chris Dummitt, Michael Dawson, eds. Contesting Clio’s Craft: New Directions and Debates in Canadian History., Jeffery Vacante

Introduction, Jonathan Vance

W.L. Morton, Margaret Laurence, and the Writing of Manitoba,, Robert Wardhaugh

Behind the Scenes: The Life and Work of William Clifford Clark, Robert A. Wardhaugh

John Bracken, Robert Wardhaugh and Jason Thistlewaite

Submissions from 2009


From “Text” to Context in the Teaching of World Religions, William Acres


What Are “World Religions” Teaching Us? Post-Imperialism in Contemporary Views of Global Faiths, William Acres

Augmenting Historical Research with Databases: A Case Study of 16th Century Elizabethan Military, Michael Bauer and William Acres


Media and the Failed Coalition, Marta Dyczok

From Hungary to Canada: The Building of My Dream, John Heffner and Ulrich Frisse


Conducting Haudenosaunee Historical Research from Home: In the Shadow of the Six Nations–Caledonia Reclamation, Susan Hill


Guest Editors' Remarks, Susan M. Hill and Jane Logan McCallum

Hard Struggles of Doubt: Abolitionists and the Problem of Slave Redemption, Margaret M. R. Kellow


The Genesis of Industrial America, 1870-1920 (review), Robert MacDougall


A Far Different Place, Alan MacEachern

An Introduction, In Theory and Practice, Alan MacEachern