History Publications


Research in History Publications covers a broad range of subjects, tracing and uncovering their changes over time. Researchers examine pasts of societies around the globe, focusing on culture, international relations, war, health, business, and environment.


Submissions from 2019


Sympathetic Physics: The Keely Motor and the Laws of Thermodynamics in Nineteenth-Century Culture, Robert MacDougall

Submissions from 2017


Peter von Zahn's Cold War Broadcasts to West Germany: Assessing America, Eli Nathans

Submissions from 2012


The German 79th Reserve Infantry Division in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, April 1917, Alfred Dieterich


The Morning After a General Election: The Vice-Regal Perspective, Peter Neary

Henry Cabot Lodge in Diem’s Vietnam, Geoffrey Stewart

Submissions from 2011

The Aboriginal Population and the 1891 Census of Canada, Michelle Hamilton and Kris Inwood

Ordinary People, Ordinary Jews: Mór Jókai as Magyar Philosemite, Howard Lupovitch

A Little Essay on Big: Towards a History of Canada's Size, Alan MacEachern


A Polyphony of Synthesizers: Why Every Historian of Canada Should Write a History of Canada, Alan MacEachern


M.B. Williams and the Early Years of Parks Canada, Alan MacEachern


Nature within reach of Canadians, Alan MacEachern


Conservation, Alan MacEachern, J.S. Maini, and J.A. Carlisle

Submissions from 2010


Is History Just a Collection of Biographies? Notes from a Military Historical Database, William Acres


Toward a Common Language in World Religions: Reversing the Categories, William Acres


World History, World Religions: Shape and Context in Contemporary Classifications, William Acres

Exploring Religion: A Reader, William D. Acres

Manitoba Premiers of 19th and 20th Centuries, Barry Ferguson and Robert Wardhaugh

Showdown in Virginia: The 1861 Convention and the Fate of the Union, William W. Freehling and Craig M. Simpson

Baggage Claim, Monda Halpern

Collections and Objections: Aboriginal Material Culture in Southern Ontario, 1791-1914, Michelle A. Hamilton


Farm Tractors, Occupational Therapy, and Four-Wheel Drive: Transforming a Military Vehicle Into a Cultural Icon, Andrew Iarocci

The Greek Slave: Elision and Disjunction in American Antislavery Imagery, Margaret M. R. Kellow

Jews and Judaism in World History, Howard N. Lupovitch


Towards a Transnational Political History of North America: The View from Canada, Robert MacDougall


Do You Remember Where You Were?, Alan MacEachern