The Brain and Mind Institute is recognized as one of the world’s leading research institutes in cognitive neuroscience and aims to understand how the brain allows us to perceive the world, makes sense of what we see and hear, remember the past and plan for the future, communicate our thoughts to others, choose goals, plan actions and carry those actions out.


Submissions from 2021


Structural alterations in cortical and thalamocortical white matter tracts after recovery from prefrontal cortex lesions in macaques, Ramina Adam, David J. Schaeffer, Kevin Johnston, Ravi S. Menon, and Stefan Everling


Muting, not fragmentation, of functional brain networks under general anesthesia, Corson N. Areshenkoff, Joseph Y. Nashed, R. Matthew Hutchison, Melina Hutchison, Ron Levy, Douglas J. Cook, Ravi S. Menon, Stefan Everling, and Jason P. Gallivan

Schrödinger filtering: a precise EEG despiking technique for EEG-fMRI gradient artifact, Gabriel B. Benigno, Ravi S. Menon, and Hacene Serrai


Early protein intake predicts functional connectivity and neurocognition in preterm born children, Emma G. Duerden, Benjamin Thompson, Tanya Poppe, Jane Alsweiler, Greg Gamble, Yannan Jiang, Myra Leung, Anna C. Tottman, Trecia Wouldes, Steven P. Miller, Jane E. Harding, Jane M. Alsweiler, Janene B. Biggs, Coila Bevan, Joanna M. Black, Frank H. Bloomfield, Kelly Fredell, Greg D. Gamble, Jane E. Harding, Sabine Huth, Yannan Jiang, Christine Kevan, Myra Leung, Geraint Phillips, Tanya Poppe, Jennifer A. Rogers, Heather Stewart, and Benjamin S. Thompson


Skin and muscle receptors shape coordinated fast feedback responses in the upper limb, Christopher J. Forgaard, Sasha Reschechtko, Paul L. Gribble, and J. Andrew Pruszynski

Sharing voxelwise neuroimaging results from rhesus monkeys and other species with Neurovault, Andrew S. Fox, Daniel Holley, Peter Christiaan Klink, Spencer A. Arbuckle, Carol A. Barnes, Jörn Diedrichsen, Sze Chai Kwok, Colin Kyle, J. Andrew Pruszynski, Jakob Seidlitz, Xu Feng Zhou, Russell A. Poldrack, and Krzysztof J. Gorgolewski

Radiofrequency coil for routine ultra-high-field imaging with an unobstructed visual field, Kyle M. Gilbert, L. Martyn Klassen, Alexander Mashkovtsev, Peter Zeman, Ravi S. Menon, and Joseph S. Gati


The multiplicity of caregiving burden: a qualitative analysis of families with prolonged disorders of consciousness., Laura E Gonzalez-Lara, Sarah Munce, Jennifer Christian, Adrian M Owen, Charles Weijer, and Fiona Webster

Effects of MP2RAGE B1+ sensitivity on inter-site T1 reproducibility and hippocampal morphometry at 7T, Roy A.M. Haast, Jonathan C. Lau, Dimo Ivanov, Ravi S. Menon, Kâmil Uludağ, and Ali R. Khan

A priming study on naming real versus pictures of tools, Mutindi C. Kithu, Elizabeth J. Saccone, Sheila G. Crewther, Melvyn A. Goodale, and Philippe A. Chouinard

Normative Analysis of Individual Brain Differences Based on a Population MRI-Based Atlas of Cynomolgus Macaques, Qiming Lv, Mingchao Yan, Xiangyu Shen, Jing Wu, Wenwen Yu, Shengyao Yan, Feng Yang, Kristina Zeljic, Yuequan Shi, Zuofu Zhou, Longbao Lv, Xintian Hu, Ravi Menon, and Zheng Wang

Intrinsic functional clustering of ventral premotor F5 in the macaque brain, Saloni Sharma, David J. Schaeffer, Kasper Vinken, Stefan Everling, and Koen Nelissen

Effects of phase regression on high-resolution functional MRI of the primary visual cortex, Olivia W. Stanley, Alan B. Kuurstra, L. Martyn Klassen, Ravi S. Menon, and Joseph S. Gati


New frontiers in translational research: Touchscreens, open science, and the mouse translational research accelerator platform, Jacqueline A. Sullivan, Julie R. Dumont, Sara Memar, Miguel Skirzewski, Jinxia Wan, Maryam H. Mofrad, Hassam Zafar Ansari, Yulong Li, Lyle Muller, Vania F. Prado, Marco A.M. Prado, Lisa M. Saksida, and Timothy J. Bussey

Effects of Acute Drug Administration on Emotion: A Review of Pharmacological MRI Studies, Kathryne Van Hedger, Leah M. Mayo, Anya K. Bershad, Racheal Madra, and Harriet de Wit

Submissions from 2020

Functional reorganization during the recovery of contralesional target selection deficits after prefrontal cortex lesions in macaque monkeys, Ramina Adam, Kevin Johnston, Ravi S. Menon, and Stefan Everling

The effect of aging, Parkinson's disease, and exogenous dopamine on the neural response associated with auditory regularity processing, Abdullah Al Jaja, Jessica A. Grahn, Björn Herrmann, and Penny A. MacDonald


Diffusion dispersion imaging: Mapping oscillating gradient spin-echo frequency dependence in the human brain., Aidin Arbabi, Jason Kai, Ali R Khan, and Corey A Baron

Structure of population activity in primary motor cortex for single finger flexion and extension, Spencer A. Arbuckle, Jeff Weiler, Eric A. Kirk, Charles L. Rice, Marc Schieber, J. Andrew Pruszynski, Naveed Ejaz, and Jörn Diedrichsen

Repetita iuvant: Repetition facilitates online planning of sequential movements, Giacomo Ariani, Young Han Kwon, and Jörn Diedrichsen

2 mm Radius Loop Antenna and Linear Active Balun for near Field Measurement of Magnetic Field in MRI-Conditional Testing of Medical Devices, Ali Attaran, William B. Handler, and Blaine A. Chronik

RF Injection Network Development for Testing of Active Implantable Medical Devices Exposed to RF Fields in 1.5 T MRI Systems, Ali Attaran, William B. Handler, and Blaine A. Chronik


Syllables in Sync Form a Link: Neural Phase-locking Reflects Word Knowledge during Language Learning, Laura Batterink

A critical re-evaluation of fmri signatures of motor sequence learning, Eva Berlot, Nicola J. Popp, and Jörn Diedrichsen

Language dominance modulates the perception of spanish approximants in late bilinguals, Martha Black, Marc F. Joanisse, and Yasaman Rafat