Women's Studies and Feminist Research Publications


Research in Women’s Studies and Feminist Publications takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of women, minorities and gender, examining them through historical, political, sociological, medical and intersectional feminist lenses. Topics include reproductive health, commodification and objectification, academic feminism and gender identity.


Submissions from 2000


Our Attitude towards the Motivation of Those We Trust, Carolyn McLeod


Relational Autonomy, Self-Trust, and Health Care for Patients Who Are Oppressed, Carolyn McLeod and Susan Sherwin

Submissions from 1999


Recent Work in Feminist Ethics, Samantha Brennan


Reconciling Feminist Politics and Feminist Ethics on the Issue of Rights, Samantha Brennan


Self-Trust and Reproductive Autonomy, Carolyn McLeod


Trudy Govier’s Dilemmas of Trust, Carolyn McLeod and S. Burns

Submissions from 1998

Women’s Autonomy and the ‘G’ Case, Carolyn McLeod

Submissions from 1997

A Question of Values: New Canadian Perspectives in Ethics and Political Philosophy, Samantha Brennan, Tracy Lynn Isaacs, and Michael Milde

Submissions from 1992


Socialism, Feminism and Philosophy: A Radical Philosophy Reader, Sean Sayers and Peter Osborne, eds., Samantha Brennan


Women and Evil, Nel Noddings, Samantha Brennan

Submissions from 1988

Philosophy and Feminist Thinking, Jean Grimshaw, Samantha Brennan