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Internship Report 2015

From May to August,2015a group of four interns, from Western Universitywere in a placement at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT), doing an internship with Western Heads East.The interns were working onFiti Projectfor the production of Probiotic Yoghurt. The team of interns was multidisciplinarywith the four students taking different programs at Western: Medical Sciences, finance, political sciences and health-geography. Thiswas an asset for the project,helpingto have a strong approach on how to make ita success, everyone bringing in her own expertise. Our overall goal for the projectwas toestablish a probiotic kitchen at JKUAT, and that kitchen wouldserve as a hub, for other kitchensto be established inthesurrounding communitiesand the rest of the country.Having this as our main goal, everyone had sether own objectives, related to her specific fieldof study. In my case, being a health geographer,my objective was to make awareness of health benefits of Fiti yoghurtin the communitiesof Juja andits surrounding areas. Additionally, using the probiotic project, I had anobjective to conduct community health education in the fieldsof nutrition, hygiene, malaria, HIV/AIDS, immunizationand the fight against child marriage.

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