Visual Arts Publications


Examining art not only in its practical application but also from art theory perspectives of gender, politics, history and location, the Visual Arts Publications aligns analysis of both past and contemporary works with current, multidisciplinary themes.


Submissions from 2021


The Retablos of Teabo and Mani: The Evolution of Renaissance Altars in Colonial Yucatán, C. Cody Barteet

Submissions from 2015


Greek at Chartres, William S. A. Dale

Documents from 2010


Some Adaptations of Relativity in the 1920s and the Birth of Abstract Architecture, John G. Hatch Jr

Submissions from 2009

Archive and Affect in Contemporary Photography, Sarah Bassnett

Francis Alÿs: Fabiola, Stephanie Rogerson

Revolutionizing Autobiography, Stephanie Rogerson


Reconsidering the 'Obscene': The Massa Marittma Mural, Matthew Ryan Smith


Songs of the Self: Slightly Unbalanced, Matthew Ryan Smith

Submissions from 2008

From Public Relations to Art: Exhibiting Frances Benjamin Johnston's Hampton Institute Photographs, Sarah Bassnett


Picturing the Professionalization of Planning in Canada, 1901-1927, Sarah Bassnett

El Lissitzky's Study for "Proun" 8 Stellungen (1923), John G. Hatch

Giacomo Balla's Linea di Velocita (1913), John G. Hatch


Without Words You Spoke: Early Snapshot Photography and Queer Representation, Stephanie Rogerson

Dale Chihuly: The Chandeliers and Other Critical Insight into His Work, Matthew Ryan Smith


The Cut in Collage: Pollock, Fontana, Matta-Clark, Ono, Matthew Ryan Smith

Submissions from 2004


Desire, Heavenly Bodies, and a Surrealist's Fascination with the Celestial Theatre, John G. Hatch

Documents from 2003


On the Various Trappings of Daniel Spoerri, John G. Hatch Jr

Submissions from 2002

Cindy Sherman, John G. Hatch

Robert Rauschenberg, John G. Hatch


The Science behind Francesco Borromini's Divine Geometry, John G. Hatch

Submissions from 2000

Julian Haladyn: Portable Tea Ceremony performance at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, May 16, 2000, John G. Hatch


Machian Epistemology and its Part in František Kupka's Painterly Cognition of Reality, John G. Hatch

Documents from 1998


Fatum as Theme and Method in the Work of Francis Bacon, John G. Hatch Jr

Speculations on the Introduction and Role of Alexemata in Doric Temple Architecture, John G. Hatch

Submissions from 1996

Michelangelo's Last Judgment and 'Le Segrete Cose', John G. Hatch and J. Gerard Curtis