Statistical and Actuarial Sciences Publications


Excelling in research of stochastic modelling, statistical computing, methods for data exploration and, risk theory, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences Publications examine risks and existing statistics in medicine, biology and economics.

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Submissions from 2023


A Conceptual Framework for Knowledge Exchange in a Wildland Fire Research and Practice Context, Colin B. McFayden, Lynn M. Johnston, Douglas G. Woolford, Colleen George, Den Boychuk, Daniel Johnston, B. Mike Wotton, and Joshua M. Johnston

Submissions from 2010


How Old Is This Mutation? A Study of Three Ashkenazi Jewish Founder Mutations, Celia M. T. Greenwood, Shuying Sun, Justin Veenstra, Nancy Hamel, Bethany Niell, Stephen Gruber, and William D. Foulkes

Submissions from 2009


A Greedy Algorithm for Unimodal Kernel Density Estimation by Data Sharpening, Mark A. Wolters

Submissions from 2007


Cholecystectomy Deferral in Patients with Endoscopic Sphincterotomy, Vivian McAlister, Eric Davenport, and Elizabeth Renouf

Submissions from 2006


Cyclosporin versus Tacrolimus for Liver Transplanted Patients, Elizabeth Haddad, Vivian McAlister, Elizabeth Renouf, Richard Malthaner, Mette S. Kjaer, and Lise Lotte Gluud


Cyclosporin versus Tacrolimus as Primary Immunosuppressant after Liver Transplantation: A Meta-analysis, Vivian C. McAlister, E. Haddad, E. Renouf, R. A. Malthaner, M. S. Kjaer, and L. L. Gluud