SASAH 4th Year Capstone and Other Projects: Presentations

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Fall 11-27-2020


Over the summer of 2020 I completed a remote internship at Hull & Hull LLP, an estates law firm in Toronto, for the SASAH experiential learning course. Hull & Hull handles estates and trusts litigation. I worked on digitizing charts for a passing of accounts (which is a court audit of a fiduciary’s accounting) for which there have been a considerable number of objections that we had to either refute or attempt to resolve, or there would be a trial. I was responsible for linking evidentiary material to the existing charts in order to ensure that the information was presentable in a digital format and making new charts which organized the multiple objections by subject matter. I have completed reflections and presented on my work, all of which helped me develop a stronger understanding of the value of my experience and the skills I earned. As I hope to attend law school next year, this was an exciting opportunity that allowed me a glimpse of what the legal profession is like. This internship experience has helped me build a foundation of knowledge and skills which have prepared me for future educational and career opportunities.


This presentation was submitted in conjunction with a final report as the final assignment for SASAH's Experiential Learning requirement. The live online presentation event occurred via Zoom on November 27, 2020, and is posted on YouTube. The students subsequently recreated their presentations using VoiceThread for publication purposes.