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Undergraduate Thesis

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Spring 5-15-2020


Undergraduate Honours Theses


The goal of the current experiment was to investigate whether the addition of Motion Parallax will allow participants to make more accurate distance estimations, in both the real and virtual worlds, as well as to determine whether perception- and action-estimations were affected similarly. Due to rising number of COVID-19 cases in 2020, all in-person testing needed to cease with only one participant being tested with the full set of conditions in the final experimental configuration and one participant having been completed the motion parallax conditions only. As a result, the two participants were combined and only the motion parallax conditions were analyzed. Due to low statistical power, no significant main effects, nor significant interactions were discovered. Once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsidised, I am intending to collect data from all twenty-four participants with the full array of conditions in order to complete the current project. An increase in distance-estimation accuracy, especially in virtual reality conditions is still expected to be found.


Thesis Advisor(s): Dr. Derek Quinlan

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