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Undergraduate Thesis

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Spring 5-15-2018


Undergraduate Honours Theses


Due to the paucity of research concerning age effects and social media preference, 164 individuals completed a survey pertaining to their age, preference for Facebook versus Instagram, and responded to 20 hypothetical questions concerning their emotional reactance to different types of events that occur on Facebook and Instagram (i.e., positive social events, positive romantic events, negative social events, and negative romantic events). It was revealed that the majority of participants prefer Facebook to Instagram, although this finding was weaker in younger adults. Further, it was found that individuals who rated Facebook or Instagram as more important tended to react more strongly to all four types of events. Finally, for those participants who preferred Facebook, no significant differences were found for emotional reactance to events occurring on Facebook versus Instagram. Implications are discussed.


Thesis Advisor: Dr. Irene Cheung

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Psychology Commons