Oncology Presentations


Presented within Oncology Presentations is research on topics such as technological advancements in cancer treatment, radiotherapy, and recovery and relapse studies.


Submissions from 2011


Hellmuth Award Public Lecture by Ann Chambers, Ann Chambers

Submissions from 2009


Wed Eve—45: Imaging and Radiation Delivery in Helical Tomotherapy: Phantom Study of a Moving Target, C Gallagher; Slav Yartsev; Stewart Gaede PhD, MCCPM; and Jacob Van Dyk


What Factors Predict Outcome at Relapse after Previous Esophagectomy and Adjuvant Therapy in High-Risk Esophageal Cancer?, Edward Yu, Patricia Tai, Richard Malthaner, Larry Stitt, George Rodrigues, Rashid Dar, Brian Yaremko, Jawaid Younus, Michael Sanatani, Mark Vincent, Brian Dingle, Dalilah Fortin, and Richard Inculet

Submissions from 2008


Thurs Eve23: Effect of lung density and geometry variation on inhomogeneity correction algorithms: A Monte Carlo dosimetry evaluation, J Chow, Michael Leung, and Jacob Van Dyk

Submissions from 2007


Post-Operative Extended Volume External Beam Radiation Therapy Is Safe for High Risk Esophageal Cancer Patients, Edward Yu, Patricia Tai, Jawaid Younus, Richard Malthaner, Larry Stitt, Pauline Truong, George Rodrigues, Robert Ash, Rashid Dar, Anna Tomiak, Mark Vincent, Walter Kocha, Brian Dingle, and Richard Inculet

Submissions from 2006


The Role of Radiation Therapy on Medically Inoperable Clinically Localized Non-small Cell Lung Patients: London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP) Clinical Experience, Michael Lee, Edward Yu, Robert Ash, Patricia Tai, Larry Stitt, George Rodrigues, Rashid Dar, Mark Vincent, Richard Inculet, and Richard Malthaner

Submissions from 2005


Robot Assisted Ultrasound Imaged Guided Interstitial Lung Brachytherapy in a Porcine Model, Richard A. Malthaner, Edward Yu, Jerry J. Battista, Chris Blake, Donal Downey, and Aaron Fenster


Extended vs. Small Field Irradiation in High Risk Post Esophagectomy Patients Receiving Combined Chemoradiation Therapy: A Decade Experience in Treatment of Esophageal Cancer, Edward Yu, Patricia Tai, George Rodrigues, Robert Ash, Larry Stitt, Rashid A. Dar, Pauline Truong, Gregory M. Videtic, Richard Malthaner, Richard Inculet, Anna Tomiak, Jawaid Younus, Brian Dingle, Walter Kocha, and Mark Vincent

Submissions from 2003


Evaluation of Intra-and Inter-fraction Motion in Breast Radiotherapy Using Electronic Portal Imaging Cine Loops, Chrison Lee, Edward Yu, and Tomas Kron

Submissions from 2001


Is Extended Volume of External Beam Irradiation Beneficial in Post-esophagectomy High Risk Patients Receiving Combined Chemoradiation Therapy?, E. Yu, A. R. Dar, R. Ash, G. Videtic, P. Truong, L. Stitt, A. Tomiak, M. Vincent, R. Malthaner, I. Craig, E. Brecevic, W. Kocha, R. Inculet, and M. Lefcoe