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The focus in this chapter is on the assessment of learning associated with continuing interprofessional education (CIPE) programs. It presents a case for using a formative approach to learning that is then assessed beyond just the CIPE program. How a participant converts learning gained and how it can be shared with fellow members in an interprofessional team are discussed. Factors that influence and impede knowledge uptake are presented. The chapter then shifts to discussion of assessment of team performance addressing team dynamics, knowledge contributions of members, and the organizational environment within which the team practices. Finally, the author provides examples of measurement instruments that can be used for an organization to determine the level of interprofessional client-centered collaboration in teams that is present across a variety of service areas.

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Orchard, C. (2015). Assessment of learning within interprofessional client-centered collaborative practice -- challenges and solutions. In C. Orchard & L. Bainbridge (Eds.) Interprofessional client-centered collaborative practice: what is it? How can it be done? Chapter 12. N.Y.: Nova Scientific Publishers.

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