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Developer Satisfaction Survey 2014 Industry Trends and Future Outlook Report

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Following this preliminary report, the data was carefully reviewed and cleaned for additional analysis into each of the key thematic areas of the survey. This produced a final valid sample of 2,198 responses. Throughout the cleaning process a number of responses submitted as ‘other’ were also reincorporated into the base survey options, and occasionally new categories were created. Due to these changes the data presented in this report may not be identical to that presented in the Summary Report released as a first glimpse of the survey data. What follows is a more detailed report on a sub-set of the survey that was geared to collect information about industry trends and the future outlook of the industry. As such, this report presents survey data on topics like the relative importance of game platforms, on perceptions of industry growth and on the image of the game industry to society.

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Published by the International Game Developers Association