Mechanical and Materials Engineering Publications


With a focus on mechanical engineering, automation technologies and systems, thermofluids and, materials and solid mechanics, Mechanical and Materials Engineering Publications illustrate their research efforts in developing technologies for the future.

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Submissions from 2019


Hard, soft and off-the-shelf foot orthoses and their effect on the angle of the medial longitudinal arch: A biplane fluoroscopy study, Megan E.R. Balsdon, Colin E. Dombroski, Kristen Bushey, and Thomas Jenkyn

Upper Limb Motion Demands of Tasks of Daily Living: Applications of Dartfish Movement Analysis Software, Sara Frances Holland, Emily Lalone, Joy C. MacDermid, Kathryn Sinden, and Lauren Straatman

Submissions from 2011


A Comparison of Two Headless Compression Screws for Operative Treatment of Scaphoid Fractures, Ruby Grewal, Joseph Assini, David Sauder, Louis Ferreira, Jim Johnson, and Kenneth Faber

Submissions from 2004


ARCHAEO-SCAN: Portable 3D Shape Measurement System for Archaeological Field Work, George K. Knopf and Andrew J. Nelson