Submissions from 2005

Undecidable Time: The Political Use of the Limits of Derrida's Democracy to Come, Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 2004


Jacques Derrida and Alain Badiou: Is There a Relation between Politics and Time?, Antonio Calcagno


The Incarnation, Michel Henry, and the Possibility of an Husserlian-inspired Transcendental Life, Antonio Calcagno


Thinking through French Philosophy: The Being of the Question. By Leonard Lawlor, Antonio Calcagno

Voyous. By Jacques Derrida (Paris: Galilée, 2003), Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 2003


Husserl Bibliography (in Husserliana Dokumente). Edited by Stephen Spileers (Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1999), Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 2002

Edith Stein Gesamtausgabe. Edited by M. Linssen and H.B. Gerl-Falkovitz (Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder, 2000) 24 vols, Antonio Calcagno


Edith Stein: Is the State Responsible for the Immortal Soul of the Person?, Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 2001

Alain Finkielkraut: The Coming Undone of a Thoughtful Culture?, Antonio Calcagno


Metaphor in Context. By Josef Stern (Cambridge, MA.: MIT Press, 2000), Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 2000

Die Fülle oder das Nichts?: Martin Heidegger and Edith Stein on the Question of Being, Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 1999

Fluctus, gravitas et inertia: A Phenomenological Reflection on the Relation Between the Human Person, the One and the Many of Life, Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 1998

Actio, Passio et Creatio in the Endliche und ewige Philosophie of Edith Stein: A Poetico-Personal Response to the Challenges of Postmodernity, Antonio Calcagno

Giordano Bruno and the Logic of Coincidence: Unity and Multiplicity in the Philosophical Thought of Giordano Bruno, Antonio Calcagno


The Fetishism of Modernities: Epochal Self-Consciousness in Contemporary Social and Political Thought. By Bernard Yack (University of Notre Dame Press, South Bend, 1997), Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 1997


Being and Truth. By Thomas Langan (University of Missouri Press, Columbia, 1996), Antonio Calcagno


Beyond Postmodernism: Langan's Foundational Ontology, Antonio Calcagno

Persona Politica: Unity and Difference in Edith Stein’s Political Philosophy, Antonio Calcagno

Submissions from 1995


Interface: Modernity and post-modernity: The possibility of enthusiasm according to Immanuel Kant and Jean-Francois Lyotard, Antonio Calcagno