Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Publications


Publications from the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences department feature four key areas of research which are mobility, social determinants of health, health services, systems and policy and, health and information technology. Together, these areas cover social and biological factors in health and allow examination and generation of healthcare advancements.


Submissions from 2009


Physical Activity Levels of Older Community-dwelling Adults Are Influenced by Summer Weather Variables, Caitlin A. Brandon, Dawn P. Gill, Mark Speechley, Jason Gilliland, and Gareth R. Jones


Light Therapy for Managing Cognitive, Sleep, Functional, Behavioural, or Psychiatric Disturbances in Dementia, Dorothy Forbes, Ivan Culum, Andrea R. Lischka, Debra G. Morgan, Shelley Peacock, Jennifer Forbes, and Sean Forbes

Metacognition and Metamovement: Links between Cognition and Motor Function in Parkinson's Disease, Andrew M. Johnson, Albert Armieri, Jeffrey D. Holmes, A. L. Grau, Mary E. Jenkins, and Sandi J. Spaulding


Riding the Knowledge Translation Roundabout: Lessons Learned from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Summer Institute in Knowledge Translation, Michelle E. Kho, Elizabeth A. Estey, Ryan T. Deforge, Leanne Mak, and Brandi L. Bell


The Impact of PTSD on Veterans’ Family Relationships: An Interpretative Phenomenological Inquiry, Susan L. Ray and Meredith Vanstone