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Research in History Publications covers a broad range of subjects, tracing and uncovering their changes over time. Researchers examine pasts of societies around the globe, focusing on culture, international relations, war, health, business, and environment.


Submissions from 1990


A History of Christian Island and the Beausoleil Band, Janet Trimble

Submissions from 1989

An Examination of Sex Equity in the 1986 Ontario Curriculum Guideline for History and Contemporary Studies, Katherine McKenna


Options for Elite Women in Early Upper Canadian Society: The Case of the Powell Family, Katherine McKenna

Review of Emigration from North-East Scotland by Marjory Harper, Barbara C. Murison

Riches to to Rags to Rebellion: The Career of James Aitchison, Sometime Resident of Scotland, Upper Canada and Van Diemen’s Land, Barbara C. Murison

Submissions from 1988

Review of Canadian Travellers in Europe 1851-1900 by Eva-Marie Kroller, Barbara C. Murison


Aspects of Women's Participation in the Economic Life of Later Medieval Islam: Occupations and Mentalities, Maya Shatzmiller

Submissions from 1987

Poverty, Philanthropy and Emigration: Changing Attitudes in Scotland in the Early Nineteenth Century, Barbara C. Murison

Submissions from 1984

Owen Sound and the CPR Great Lakes Fleet: The Rise of a Port, 1840-1912, Keith Fleming

Submissions from 1983


The Uniform Rate and Rural Electrification Issues in Ontario Politics, 1919-1923, Keith Fleming

The New Soviet Imperialism in the Middle East, Charles A. Ruud


Le Mythe d'Origine Berbère: Aspects Historiographiques et Sociaux, Maya Shatzmiller

Submissions from 1982

Fighting Words: Imperial Censorship and the Russian Press, 1804-1906, Charles A. Ruud

Submissions from 1981

Stalin Reconsidered, Charles A. Ruud


The Printing Press As an Agent of Political Change in Early Twentieth-Century Russia, Charles A. Ruud

What Really Happened in Russia in 1905?, Charles A. Ruud

Submissions from 1980


Enlightened Government: Sir George Arthur and the Upper Canadian Administration, Barbara C. Murison


Lawful Occasions: Imperial Control in the 1680s, Barbara C. Murison

Soviet Interest and Policy in the Middle East, Charles A. Ruud

Submissions from 1979


Limits on the 'Freed' Press of 18th- and 19th-Century Europe, Charles A. Ruud

Submissions from 1974

Pre-Revolutionary Studies in Russian Nationalism, Charles A. Ruud

Submissions from 1972


A. V. Golovnin and Liberal Russian Censorship, January-June 1862, Charles A. Ruud

Submissions from 1970

Censorship and the Peasant Question: The Contingencies of Reform Under Alexander II (l855-59), Charles A. Ruud

Submissions from 1969

The Russian Empire's New Censorship Law of l865, Charles A. Ruud

Submissions from 1968

Notes on Three Recent Soviet Bibliographies in History, Charles A. Ruud