Geography Publications


Research in Geography Publications uniquely bridges the social sciences with the natural sciences by examining the ongoing relationship between humans and their environment. These publications cover subjects such as environmental law and justice, pollution and preservation, segregation and prejudice in communities, urban development, and dietary habits.


Submissions from 2013

Laboratory and Experimental Geomorphology, Cheryl McKenna Neuman, Peter Ashmore, and Sean Bennett

Hepatitis B in Ghana's Upper West Region: A Hidden Disease In Need of National Policy Attention, Paul Mkandawire, Chantelle A. M. Richmond, Jenna Dixon, Isaac N. Luginaah, and Joshua Tobias


Community Development and the Influence of New Food Retail Sources on the Price and Availability of Nutritious Food, Richard Casey Sadler, Jason A. Gilliland, and Godwin Arku

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) with Indigenous Communities: Producing Respectful and Reciprocal Research, Joshua Tobias, Chantelle A. M. Richmond, and Isaac N. Luginaah

Submissions from 2012

'You Either Pay More Advance Rent or You Move Out': Landlords'/Ladies' and Tenants' Dilemmsa in the Low-income Housing Market in Accra, Ghana, Godwin Arku, Isaac N. Luginaah, and Paul Mkandawire

Formal Dementia Care among First Nations in Southwestern Ontario, Sara A. Finkelstein, Dorothy A. Forbes, and Chantelle A. M. Richmond

'A Drop of Water in the Pool': Information and Engagement of Linguistic Communities Around a Municipal Pesticide Bylaw to Protect the Public’s Health, Hilary Gibson-Wood, Sarah Wakefield, Loren Vanderlinden, Monica Bienfeld, Donald Cole, Jamie Baxter, and Leslie Jermyn

Fire and Urban Form: Destruction and Reconstruction in Nineteenth-Century Montreal, Jason Gilliland

Opportunities for Healthy Living in Southwestern Ontario: A Focus on Children's Environments, Jason Gilliland


Quantifying the Magnitude of Environmental Exposure Misclassification When Using Imprecise Address Proxies in Public Health Research, Martin Healy and Jason A. Gilliland


The Influence of Local Food Environments on Adolescents' Food Purchasing Behaviors, Meizi He, Patricia Tucker, Jason Gilliland, Jennifer D. Irwin, Kristian Larsen, and Paul Hess


Obesogenic Neighborhoods: The Impact of Neighborhood Restaurants and Convenience Stores on Adolescents' Food Consumption Behaviors, Meizi He, Patricia Tucker, Jennifer D. Irwin, Jason Gilliland, Kristian Larsen, and Paul Hess


Route-Based Analysis to Capture the Environmental Influences on a Child's Mode of Travel between Home and School, Kristian Larsen, Jason Gilliland, and Paul Hess

Sediment Mobility and Bed Armoring in the St. Clair River: Insights from Hydrodynamic Modeling, Xiaofeng Liu, Gary Parker, Johnathan A. Czuba, Kevin Oberg, Jose M. Mier, James L. Best, Daniel R. Parsons, Peter Ashmore, Bommanna G. Krishnappan, and Marcelo H. Garcia

Conversion of Residential Units to Commercial Spaces in Accra, Ghana: A Policy Dilemma, Catherine Oosterbaan*, Godwin Arku, and Alex Boakye Asiedu

Sense of Belonging in the Urban School Environments of Aboriginal Youth, Chantelle AM Richmond, Dawn Smith, and * The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

Creating and Evaluating Digital Elevation Model-Based Stream-Power Map as a Stream Assessment Tool, M. Vocal Ferencevic and Peter Ashmore

Efficacy of a 3-hour Aboriginal Health Teaching in the Medical Curriculum: Are We Changing Student Knowledge and Attitudes?, Alysia W. Zhou, Samantha Boshart, Jennifer Seelisch, Reza Eshaghian, Ryan McLeod, Jeff Nisker, Chantelle A. M. Richmond, and John M. Howard

Submissions from 2011


Report of the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements: 2009, B. Archinal, M. A'Hearn, E. Bowell, A. Conrad, G. Consolmagno, R. Courtin, T. Fukushima, D. Hestroffer, J. Hilton, G. Krasinsky, G. Neumann, J. Oberst, P. Seidelmann, Phil Stooke, D. Tholen, P. Thomas, and I. Williams


An Analysis of Public Debates over Urban Growth Patterns in the City of London, Ontario, Godwin Arku, J. Kemp, and Jason Gilliland

An Analysis of Public Debates over Urban Growth Patterns in the City of London, Ontario, Godwin Arku, J. Kemp, and Jason Gilliland


Housing and Health in Three Contrasting Neighbourhoods in Accra, Ghana, Godwin Arku, Isaac N. Luginaah, Paul Mkandawire, Philip Baiden, and Alex Boakye Asiedu

Active Width of Gravel-Bed Braided Rivers, Peter Ashmore, Walter Bertoldi, and J. Tobias Gardner

‘‘This is the Mess That We Are Living In’’: Residents Everyday Life Experiences of Living in a Stigmatized Community, Dominic O. Atari, Isaac N. Luginaah, and Jamie Baxter


An Assessment of Residents’ Housing Satisfaction and Coping in Accra, Ghana, Philip Baiden, Godwin Arku, Isaac N. Luginaah, and Alex B. Asiedu