Geography Publications


Research in Geography Publications uniquely bridges the social sciences with the natural sciences by examining the ongoing relationship between humans and their environment. These publications cover subjects such as environmental law and justice, pollution and preservation, segregation and prejudice in communities, urban development, and dietary habits.


Submissions from 2019


Short communication: Challenges and applications of structure-from-motion photogrammetry in a physical model of a braided river, Peter Ashmore, Pauline Leduc, and Sarah Peirce

Submissions from 2018


Expanding the "Active Layer", Peter Ashmore, Sarah Peirce, and Pauline Leduc


Conceptualizing Youth Participation in Children’s Health Research: Insights from a Youth-Driven Process for Developing a Youth Advisory Council, Mohammad El-Bagdady, Krishna Arunkumar, Drew Bowman, Stephanie Coen, Christina Ergler, Jason Gilliland, Ahad Mahmood, and Suraj Paul


The variability in the morphological active width: Results from physical models of gravel‐bed braided rivers, Sarah Peirce, Pauline Leduc, and Peter Ashmore

Submissions from 2017


Flume Tests on Fluvial Erosion Mechanisms in Till-bed Channels, Peter Ashmore


Morpho-sedimentary characteristics of proximal gravel braided river deposits in a Froude-scaled physical model, Peter Ashmore, Tobias Gardner, and Pauline Leduc


Accuracy Evaluation of the Canadian OpenStreetMap Road Networks, Hongyu Zhang and Jacek Malczewski

Submissions from 2016

Urbanizing Physical Geography, Peter Ashmore and Belinda Dodson

Submissions from 2015


Towards a Sociogeomorphology of Rivers, Peter Ashmore


Transformative Geomorphic Research Using Laboratory Experimentation, Sean J. Bennett, Peter Ashmore, and Cheryl McKenna Neuman

Submissions from 2013

Outsourcing Functions to Economic Development Corporations: Exploring the Perceptions of Officials in Ontario, Canada, Godwin Arku


Gravel-Bed Rivers: From Particles to Patterns, Peter Ashmore and Colin Rennie


A Case-Control Study of Support/Opposition to Wind Turbines: The Roles of Health Risk Perception, Economic Benefits, and Community Conflict, Jamie Baxter, Rakhee Morzaria, and Rachel Hirsch


Perceptions and Experiences of Environmental Health Risks Among New Mothers: A Qualitative Study in Ontario, Canada, Eric Crighton, C Brown, Jamie Baxter, L Lemyre, J R. Masuda, and F Ursitti

No Opportunity to Say No: A Case Study of Procedural Environmental Injustice in Canada, Leith Deacon

Local Facility Hazard Risk Controversy and Non-Local Hazard Risk Perception, Steve Larock and Jamie Baxter

Hepatitis B in Ghana's Upper West Region: A Hidden Disease In Need of National Policy Attention, Paul Mkandawire, Chantelle A. M. Richmond, Jenna Dixon, Isaac N. Luginaah, and Joshua Tobias

Community Development and the Influence of New Food Retail Sources on the Price and Availability of Nutritious Food, Richard Casey Sadler, Jason Gilliland, and Godwin Arku

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) with Indigenous Communities: Producing Respectful and Reciprocal Research, Joshua Tobias, Chantelle A. M. Richmond, and Isaac N. Luginaah

Submissions from 2012

'You Either Pay More Advance Rent or You Move Out': Landlords'/Ladies' and Tenants' Dilemmsa in the Low-income Housing Market in Accra, Ghana, Godwin Arku, Isaac N. Luginaah, and Paul Mkandawire

Formal Dementia Care among First Nations in Southwestern Ontario, Sara A. Finkelstein, Dorothy A. Forbes, and Chantelle A. M. Richmond

'A Drop of Water in the Pool': Information and Engagement of Linguistic Communities Around a Municipal Pesticide Bylaw to Protect the Public’s Health, Hilary Gibson-Wood, Sarah Wakefield, Loren Vanderlinden, Monica Bienfeld, Donald Cole, Jamie Baxter, and Leslie Jermyn

Fire and Urban Form: Destruction and Reconstruction in Nineteenth-Century Montreal, Jason Gilliland

Opportunities for Healthy Living in Southwestern Ontario: A Focus on Children's Environments, Jason Gilliland

Quantifying the Magnitude of Environmental Exposure Misclassification When Using Imprecise Address Proxies in Public Health Research, Martin A. Healy and Jason Gilliland