French Studies Publications


Research in French Studies Publications examine not only the linguistic aspect of French but also, the literature, history and culture of the language. Amongst these publications are studies of grammar and phrases, literature reviews and examinations and exploration of both French and French Canadian culture and history.


Submissions from 2002


An Explanation of Extraction Asymmetries in Malagasy, Ileana Paul

The Handbook of Contemporary Syntactic Theory (Mark Baltin and Chris Collins, eds.), Ileana Paul

On Extraction Asymmetries, Ileana Paul


The Syntactic Encoding of Topic and Focus, Ileana Paul


Une anaphore nue en malgache, Ileana Paul


The Bog Body as Mnemotope: Nationalist Archaeologies in Heaney and Tournier, Anthony Purdy


Unearthing the Past: The Archaeology of Bog Bodies in Glob, Atwood, Hébert and Drabble, Anthony Purdy

Adami’s Fish: A Fish Tale by Derrida, Servanne Woodward

Thérèse Raquin et le Wunderblock, Servanne Woodward

Submissions from 2001

Binding as (Non-) Evidence for Structure, Ileana Paul


Concealed Pseudo-clefts, Ileana Paul


Concealed Pseudo-clefts, Ileana Paul

Linguistic Fieldwork (Newman and Ratliff, eds.), Ileana Paul


Ve as a Second-Position Clitic, Ileana Paul

En retrait: explorations de la représentation au dix-huitième siècle français—Chardin, Vigée-Lebrun, Diderot, Marivaux, Servanne Woodward

Autobiographical Journeys. Promenades autobiographiques, Servanne Woodward and Jeremy Worth

Marivaux avec Michel Deguy, Servanne Woodward, Jeremy Worth, and Wilson Baldridge

Submissions from 2000

Jodelle et l’Iliade: La critique d’Homère dans les Discours de Jules César, John Nassichuk

P. de Ronsard et M.-A. Muret, Les Amours, leurs commentaires, John Nassichuk

Clefts vs. Pseudo-clefts in Austronesian, Ileana Paul

Concealed Pseudo-clefts, Ileana Paul

Instrumental Advancement without Instruments and without Advancement, Ileana Paul

Malagasy Existentials: A Syntactic Account of Specificity, Ileana Paul


Malagasy Clause Structure, Ileana M. Paul

Formal Issues in Austronesian Linguistics, Ileana Paul, Vivianne Phillips, and Lisa Travis