FIMS Publications


The research in Information and Media Studies Publications covers a range of subjects pertaining to information and knowledge and the ways they move through and shape society. They encompass media studies, popular music and culture, journalism, health information sciences, and library and information science.


Submissions from 2004

A fair history of the Web? Examining country balance in the Internet Archive, M. Thelwall and L. Vaughan


New versions of PageRank employing alternative Web document models, M. Thelwall and L. Vaughan

Webometrics: An introduction to the special issue, M. Thelwall and L. Vaughan


Copyright Protection for Federally Funded Research: Necessary Incentive or Double Subsidy?, Samuel E. Trosow


The Database and the Fields of Law: Are There New Divisions of Labor?, Samuel E. Trosow

Exploring website features for business information, L. Vaughan

New measurements for search engine evaluation proposed and tested, L. Vaughan

Web hyperlinks reflect business performance: A study of US and Chinese IT companies, L. Vaughan

Can Web citations be a measure of impact? An investigation of journals in the life sciences, L. Vaughan and D. Shaw


Search engine coverage bias: Evidence and possible causes, L. Vaughan and M. Thelwall

Links to commercial websites as a source of business information, L. Vaughan and G. Wu

Submissions from 2003


The Dilemma of Survey Nonresponse, Jacquelyn Burkell


Neo-Imperialism and the Crisis of Time, Edward Comor

Usage data for electronic resources: A comparison between locally collected and vendor-provided statistics, J. Duy and L. Vaughan

Corporeal Resistance/Corporeal Reconciliation: Body and Language in Kiss of the Fur Queen, Susan Knabe


Connecting with Information Sources: How Accounts of Information Seeking Take Discursive Action, Pamela J. McKenzie


Randomized Controlled Trials in Pediatric Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Where Can They Be Found?, Margaret Sampson, Kaitryn Campbell, Isola Ajiferuke, and David Moher


Which academic subjects have most online impact? A pilot study and a new classification process, M. Thelwall, L. Vaughan, and V. Cothey


Fast-Track Trade Authority and the Free Trade Agreements: Implications for Copyright Law, Samuel E. Trosow

Bibliographic and Web Citations: What Is the Difference?, L. Vaughan and D. Shaw

Scholarly use of the web: What are the key inducers of links to journal web sites?, L. Vaughan and M. Thelwall

Sharing and accessing internet resources across barriers of nation, language, and collection, L. Vaughan, M. Thelwall, and S. He

Submissions from 2002

Newspaper coverage of SARS: A comparison among Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Western Europe, L.C.Y. Chan, B. Jin, and R. Rousseau

Viral Migrations: Fairy Tales of Family and Nation, Death and Disease, Susan Knabe


The Public Place of Central Libraries: Findings from Toronto and Vancouver, Gloria J. Leckie and Jeffrey Hopkins