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Winter 2022


The Information Age continues to evolve. Technological advances with its innovations continue. Its impact on the individual and society continue unabated. The term biohacking is a combination of two words, biology and hacking. Hacking from the Oxford English dictionary can be used as a noun, like the name of a place, people, or sports etc(Oxford, 2022). In technology, hackers in the dictionary also have a sinister meaning. They are those who escape security to access unauthorised data such as on your phone, email, website, or computer. Biohackers are people who try to improve/optimise biological performance, which otherwise work normally, with technological intervention.

Biohacking is the process of exploring, tinkering, understanding the possibilities of biological building blocks and equipment, and expanding its potential with home experiments and do it yourself gear, merging body modifications with technology(Robbins, T., 2022). This is the new frontier in innovation at the confluence of technology and biology. The innovation is now with the body itself, to improve the body performance, to maintain a healthy lifestyle , through personal data acquisition, and open source medicine, and knowledge.