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Frehner, Paul

2nd Supervisor

Franck, Peter


A Discourse in Strength is a nineteen-minute, five movement suite for full orchestra. Its five movements are entitled Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro and Presto. Through the five movements, the work aims to aurally depict a pyramid of strength training-based concepts that would be found in a typical strength training program. A Discourse in Strength utilizes sounds from the orchestra and numbers from the Fibonacci sequence and the sequence itself to simulate the following concepts of muscular growth and strength building. The first movement explores neuromuscular control and balance, the second looks at muscular endurance and the third portrays muscular hypertrophy. The fourth movement portrays muscular strength and the fifth and final movement is an explosive finale that showcases pure muscular power and the feeling of showcasing the power and the success that comes of it.

Summary for Lay Audience

A Discourse in Strength is a suite for full orchestra with five movements that depict strength in musical form. A suite is an ordered set of individual pieces or movements, tied together by themes or tonalities. The five movements depict different facets of strength building that are often found in a typical strength training program such as muscular strength, power, hypertrophy, endurance and neuromuscular control. A Discourse in Strength utilizes the timbres of the orchestra, dynamics and colour to explore different strength training concepts. The music is also controlled by length and tempo as each movement gets shorter and is built upon neuromuscular control as the base of the work.

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