Epidemiology and Biostatistics Publications


Research in Epidemiology and Biostatistics Publications examines age, environment, chronic disease, social health determinants, maternal and child health, and mental health all in an effort to understand and improve the health of populations as a whole. These publications contain risk assessment and examinations of various health determinants to understand the health and circumstances of certain populations.

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Submissions from 2020

Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Meta-Analysis of Quality-of-Life Outcomes: An Application in Multimorbidity, Susanne Schmitz, Tatjana T. Makovski, Roisin Adams, Marjan van den Akker, Saverio Stranges, and Maurice P. Zeegers

A syndemic of COVID-19 and methanol poisoning in Iran: Time for Iran to consider alcohol use as a public health challenge?, Mostafa Shokoohi, Naser Nasiri, Hamid Sharifi, Stefan Baral, and Saverio Stranges

COVID-19 pandemic: What can the west learn from the east?, Mostafa Shokoohi, Mehdi Osooli, and Saverio Stranges

Did lessons from SARS help Canada's response to COVID-19?, Michael Silverman, Michael Clarke, and Saverio Stranges

Ethics of COVID-19-related school closures, Michael Silverman, Robert Sibbald, and Saverio Stranges


Stirring the pot: Switching from blended fee-for-service to blended capitation models of physician remuneration., Nibene H Somé, Rose Anne Devlin, Nirav Mehta, Gregory S Zaric, and Sisira Sarma


The impact of the diabetes management incentive on diabetes-related services: evidence from Ontario, Canada., Thaksha Thavam, Rose Anne Devlin, Amardeep Thind, Gregory S Zaric, and Sisira Sarma

Fertility is a Key Predictor of the Double Burden of Malnutrition Among Women of Child-Bearing Age in Sub-Saharan Africa, Jason Mulimba Were, Saverio Stranges, and Irena F. Creed

Green space and substance use and addiction: A new frontier, Evan R. Wiley, Jamie A. Seabrook, Jason A. Gilliland, Kelly K. Anderson, and Saverio Stranges


Green space and substance use and addiction: A new frontier, Evan R. Wiley, Jamie A Seabrook, Jason Gilliland, and Kelly Anderson

Geographic variation in preventable hospitalisations across Canada: A cross-sectional study, Piotr Wilk, Shehzad Ali, Kelly K. Anderson, Andrew F. Clark, Martin Cooke, Stephanie J. Frisbee, Jason Gilliland, Michael Haan, Stewart Harris, Soushyant Kiarasi, Alana Maltby, Kambiz Norozi, Robert Petrella, Sisira Sarma, Sarah S. Singh, Saverio Stranges, and Amardeep Thind

Geographic variation in short and long sleep duration and poor sleep quality: a multilevel analysis using the 2015–2018 Canadian community health survey, Piotr Wilk, Saverio Stranges, and Alana Maltby

The predictive role of circulating telomerase and vitamin D for long-term survival in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG), Mahtab Zarei, Mahdi Najafi, Elnaz Movahedi, Mohamad Hassan Javanbakht, Yun Hee Choi, Mehdi Yaseri, Arash Shirvani, Frank W. Sellke, and Saverio Stranges

Submissions from 2019

Prospective association among diabetes diagnosis, HbA1c, glycemia, and frailty trajectories in an elderly population, Gloria A. Aguayo, Adam Hulman, Michel T. Vaillant, Anne Françoise Donneau, Anna Schritz, Saverio Stranges, Laurent Malisoux, Laetitia Huiart, Michèle Guillaume, Séverine Sabia, and Daniel R. Witte

Challenges and benefits of integrating diverse sampling strategies in the observation of cardiovascular risk factors (ORISCAV-LUX 2) study, Ala'A Alkerwi, Jessica Pastore, Nicolas Sauvageot, Gwenaëlle Le Coroller, Valéry Bocquet, Marylène D'Incau, Gloria Aguayo, Brice Appenzeller, Dritan Bejko, Torsten Bohn, Laurent Malisoux, Sophie Couffignal, Stephanie Noppe, Charles Delagardelle, Jean Beissel, Anna Chioti, Saverio Stranges, and Jean Claude Schmit

Socioeconomic status and stroke incidence, prevalence, mortality, and worldwide burden: An ecological analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017, Abolfazl Avan, Hadi Digaleh, Mario Di Napoli, Saverio Stranges, Reza Behrouz, Golnaz Shojaeianbabaei, Amin Amiri, Reza Tabrizi, Naghmeh Mokhber, J. David Spence, and Mahmoud Reza Azarpazhooh

Public health burden of pre-diabetes and diabetes in Luxembourg: Finding from the 2013-2015 European Health Examination Survey, Valéry Bocquet, Maria Ruiz-Castell, Carine De Beaufort, Jessica Barré, Nathalie De Rekeneire, Georges Michel, Richard P. Donahue, Andrea Kuemmerle, and Saverio Stranges

Migrant mental health, Hickam’s dictum, and the dangers of oversimplification, Jordan Edwards, Kelly K. Anderson, and Saverio Stranges

Gaps in Understanding of the Epidemiology of Mood and Anxiety Disorders among Migrant Groups in Canada: A Systematic Review, Jordan Edwards, Malini Hu, Amardeep Thind, Saverio Stranges, Maria Chiu, and Kelly K. Anderson

Long-term disability after stroke in Iran: Evidence from the Mashhad Stroke Incidence Study, Mohammad Taghi Farzadfard, Mohammad Sobhan Sheikh Andalibi, Amanda G. Thrift, Negar Morovatdar, Saverio Stranges, Amin Amiri, Moira K. Kapral, Reza Behrouz, Ali Ghabeli Juibary, Naghmeh Mokhber, and Mahmoud Reza Azarpazhooh

Circulating Selenium Concentration Is Inversely Associated With the Prevalence of Stroke: Results From the Canadian Health Measures Survey and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Xue Feng Hu, Saverio Stranges, and Laurie H.M. Chan

Physical activity promotion in primary care: A Utopian quest?, Alexis Lion, Anne Vuillemin, Jane S. Thornton, Daniel Theisen, Saverio Stranges, and Malcolm Ward

Multimorbidity and quality of life: Systematic literature review and meta-analysis, Tatjana T. Makovski, Susanne Schmitz, Maurice P. Zeegers, Saverio Stranges, and Marjan van den Akker

The Association between Inflammatory Markers in the Acute Phase of Stroke and Long-Term Stroke Outcomes: Evidence from a Population-Based Study of Stroke, Naser Mobarra, Negar Morovatdar, Mario Di Napoli, Saverio Stranges, Reza Behrouz, Amin Amiri, Mohammad Taghi Farzadfard, Seyed Isaac Hashemy, Reza Oskoii, Bita Khorram, and Mahmoud Reza Azarpazhooh

Socioeconomic Status and Long-Term Stroke Mortality, Recurrence and Disability in Iran: The Mashhad Stroke Incidence Study, Negar Morovatdar, Amanda G. Thrift, Saverio Stranges, Moira Kapral, Reza Behrouz, Amin Amiri, Abbas Heshmati, Amirali Ghahremani, Mohammad Taghi Farzadfard, Naghmeh Mokhber, and Mahmoud Reza Azarpazhooh