Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. El Damatty A.A.

Second Advisor

Dr. Youssef M.A.


A thermo-mechanical finite element model is developed to study the behaviour of reinforced concrete columns and beams exposed to fire. Two different analyses are included in this model. A three-dimensional nonlinear transient heat conduction analysis that takes into account the variation of the thermal properties of concrete with temperature is first conducted. The temperature profile resulting from the exposure of a reinforced concrete member to fire is determined by the heat transfer analysis and is then exported to a stress analysis model. A special nonlinear fibre frame element is used in this model. The stress analysis incorporates a material model that takes into account the variation of the mechanical properties of concrete and steel with temperature. The model is capable of predicting different modes of failure resulting from excessive loss of strength and/or stiffness of a reinforced concrete structure subjected to fire. The model can predict the fire endurance of reinforced concrete members, which is defined as the duration of fire exposure after which the member fails. Various levels of validation are conducted for this interactive thermo-mechanical model through comparison with closed form and numerical solutions as well as with results of fire tests conducted on reinforced concrete members. An extensive parametric study is then conducted using the developed numerical model. Parameters that significantly affect the performance and fire endurance of reinforced concrete columns and beams are identified.



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