Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science


Dr. Michael A. Bauer


The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) has long been the foundation for data communications across the Internet. While it has been very successful in enabling the evolution of the Internet, it does face challenges in dealing with data which is timesensitive, such as in dealing with voice, audio, music, video or television over the Internet. These challenges are particularly noticeable in wireless communication, where interference, shared wireless communication channels and noise provide additional challenges for TCP. These limitations of TCP have not gone unnoticed. Over the past decade a number of different variations of TCP have been introduced or modifications to the standard TCP proposed to accommodate multimedia, time-sensitive communications. In this research, we explore SmoothTCP, a very new variation of TCP, designed to more readily accommodate wireless multimedia communication. SmoothTCP (STCP) has been introduced and studied before, but not with a specific focus on wireless, multimedia communication. We examine its performance against standard TCP. We also introduce a new modification to STCP, which we call dSTCP, which has added dynamic characteristics incorporated into STCP. We also evaluate its performance and compare it to both TCP and STCP. Simulation results and analyses are presented comparing the three variants. Results suggest that STCP outperforms TCP and that dSTCP shows somewhat better performance than STCP.



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