Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. Donald Paterson

Second Advisor

Dr. John Kowalchuk


The time-course of changes in pulmonary VO2 kinetics (TVO2p) in response to short-term exercise training and detraining was examined in 12 males who completed 8 training sessions of 30 min continuous cycle exercise at either 70% (TI70%) or 50% (TI50%) of VO2peak, and 14 days of detraining. VO2peak and constant-load moderate-intensity exercise transitions were performed throughout training and detraining. VO2peak was increased with training in the TI70% group, only. There were no differences between groups for τVO2p. TVO2p (PRE 32s ±13) decreased ~14% (p < 0.05) after only 1 session of training (28s ±8) with a further ~10% decrease following 2 sessions of training (25s ±10) and was unchanged thereafter POST (25s±4). There was no change in TVO2p from the post-training to any point during detraining. Thus, TVO2p is rapidly reduced with exercise training of either 50 or 70% VO2peak and the change in TVO2p occurs without change in VO2peak.



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