Date of Award


Degree Type


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Master of Science




Dr. Jinfei Wang


Tree canopy cover is a fundamental measure of the urban forest, which benefits a city socially and environmentally. In this thesis, methods are proposed to map urban tree cover. Chapter 2 presents an object-based tree cover extraction method using some new techniques for commonly available high-spatial-resolution colour-infrared imagery. The overall accuracy achieved for the 23 645 ha urban growth area of London, Ontario was 89.73%. This accuracy can be improved further by integrating LiDAR surface information. However, tall objects appear displaced in traditional orthoimages, causing misclassification. Chapter 3 presents a new method for correcting horizontal relief displacement of tall objects in orthorectified imagery without requiring the original aerial images and flight parameters. An object-based tree cover extraction method was developed to test the effectiveness of this correction. The overall accuracy for a 1600 ha sub-scene was improved significantly: from 94.66% (uncorrected) to 96.07% (empirically corrected) and 96.98% (geometrically corrected).



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