Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Microbiology and Immunology


Dr. Gregory Dekaban

Second Advisor

Dr. Arthur Brown

Third Advisor

Dr. Bosco Chan


Administration of a monoclonal antibody to the CDI ld∕CD18 integrin results in significant functional recovery in rodent models of spinal cord injury (SCI). This treatment selectively delays the influx of monocyte-derived hematogenous macrophages (hM0), suggesting that hM0 exhibit neurodegenerative or neuroprotective effects depending upon the temporal microenvironment of the SCI lesion. hM0 and microglial macrophages (mM0) are indistinguishable; hence, their roles in response to SCI remain unclear. Using SCI lys-EGFP-ki mice that enable distinction of EGFP+ hM0 from EGFP^ mM0, we demonstrate that both populations peak in the lesion at 7d post-SCI. The ‘classical inflammatory’ monocytes∕hM0 and ‘non-classical resident’ monocytes∕hM0 respond to the acute (ld, 3d, 7d) and chronic (14d, 6wks) stages of SCI, respectively. We report the depletion of a possibly novel blood subset in response to SCI that expresses monocyte and dendritic cell markers. Our study provides new insights for the mechanism of dichotomous response of hM0 to SCI.



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