Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts




Dr. Craig Hall

Second Advisor

Dr. Bert Carron

Third Advisor

Dr. Harry Prapavessis


Possessing a high exercise identity is significantly related to physical activity measures, such as frequency, intensity, and duration of exercise. Yet, there has not been research that has analyzed whether exercise identity can be manipulated. Through a onetime presentation, the intent of the current research was to alter the perceived standards of exercise in order to modify exercise identity. Our two intervention groups were presented with either low or high exercise standards. Results indicated that exercise identity increased when participants were presented with exercise standards that were easily attainable. Exercise identity was not altered when participants were presented with high exercise standards. Intentions to exercise in the future increased in both groups. It was concluded that short-term interventions could have a positive impact on exercise identity. More research is needed to examine the utility of an exercise identity intervention for a population of infrequent or non-exercisers from the general population.



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