Siawash Ahmar

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science




Dr. John F. Corrigan


The preparation of Silylated ferrocenylmethyl chalcogen reagents CpFe(η5-

• C5H4CH2ESiMe3 [E = S (D, Se (2)] in good yield is presented. These ligands were designed to have an alkyl spacer between the cyclopentadienyl group of ferrocene and the chalcogen atom that would act as an insulating bridge. Reactions of (1) or (2) with group 11 metal salts afforded single crystals of [Cu3(SCH2Fc)3(PPh3)3] (3), [Ag48S6(SCH2Fc)36] (4), [Ag10(SCH2Fc)ι0(PPh3)4] (5) and [Ag8(SeCH2Fc)8(PPh3)4] (6) that were suitable for X-ray analysis.

Cyclic voltammetry experiments were conducted on {3) and (4) where single pseudo-reversible oxidation waves were observed at all scan rates and after repetitive cycles. No evidence of bond cleavage or communication between iron centres and chalcogen atoms was observed suggesting that the alkyl spacer acts as an insulating bridge.



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