Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science


Dr. Michael A. Bauer

Second Advisor

Raphael M. Bahati


The continuous development and advancement in networking, computing, software and web technologies have led to an explosive growth in distributed systems. To ensure better quality of service (QoS), management of large scale distributed systems is important. The increasing complexity of distributed systems requires significantly higher levels of automation in system management. The core of autonomie computing is the ability to analyze data about the distributed system and to take actions. Such autonomic management should include some ability to anticipate potential problems and take action to avoid them that is, it should be proactive. System management should be proactive in order to be able to identify possible faults before they occur and before they can result in severe degradation in performance. In this thesis, our goal is to predict policy violations and take actions ahead of time in order to achieve proactive management in a policy based system.We implemented different prediction algorithm to predict policy violations. Based on the prediction decision, proactive actions are implemented in the system. Adaptive proactive action approach is also introduced to increase the performance of the proactive management system.



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