Date of Award


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Master of Science




Dr. Earl Noble


The objective of the present study was to examine the stress-specific and muscle- specific differences in the localization of Hsp70 and HSF1 following two stressful conditions, exercise and heat shock. Two fast muscles, the plantaris (Pint) and the white vastus (WV) muscles were harvested from adult male Sprague-Dawley rats either 30 min and 24 hr post-exercise (EX) (1 hour treadmill run, 30m/min, 2% grade) or post-heat shock (HS) (41.5-42.0 °C for 15 min). Western blots demonstrated an ~2 fold and an ~3.5 fold increase in Hsp70 in the Pint and an ~5.5 fold and an ~9 fold increase in the WV 24 hr post-EX and 24 hr post-HS, respectively (P<0.05). Both stressors induced Hsp70 in the endothelium and smooth muscle compartments but unlike heat shock, the exercise response was characterized by fiber type-specific differences that varied between muscles. At the transcriptional level, increases in phosphorylated HSF1 (pHSFl) did not exhibit similar fiber specific expression supporting a role for additional downstream regulation of this response.



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