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Master of Education




Alan Leschied, Ph.D., C. Psych


Children who enter the child welfare system are victims of various forms of maltreatment. The experience of maltreatment often results in a variety of emotional, behavioural, cognitive and social difficulties that require intensive forms of treatment that far surpass outpatient, community-based resources. The present study examined whether residential treatment outcome varies as a function of involvement with the child welfare system. Two hundred and twenty-five children and youth between the ages of 9.2 and

14.3 years (M= 11.7) were measured on externalizing and internalizing behaviours at admission, six months post-discharge and two years post-discharge. No significant differences among groups according to involvement with the child welfare system were identified, however significant differences were identified among total mean behavioural scores over time. Findings are discussed in relation to their implications regarding treatment, policy and future research.



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