Julie Gerrits

Date of Award


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Master of Education




Dr. Alan Leschied


Residential treatment is the most intensive and expensive form of treatment a youth can

undergo. Hence the current study examined long-term treatment outcomes from a family systems perspective. Parental reports on family functioning indicators, and youths emotional and behavioural problems (n = 68) were collected at admission, 6-months and 2-years post-discharge. Parental stress was measured at admission and discharge. The frequency of youths’ emotional and behavioural problems decreased from admission to 2- years post-discharge. Improvements were also reported in parental and family functioning indicators. Higher parental stress at admission was linked to youth experiencing more frequent emotional problems. Also, living in a positive home environment was related to fewer behavioural and emotional problems post-discharge. Clinical relevance, policy implications, limitations, and future directions are discussed. Overall, findings suggest

the importance of providing residential treatment and after-care services that are family- focused.



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