Gaston Keller

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science


Prof. Hanan Lutfiyya


System Virtualization has become in the last few years an essential technology in the data center. Among other benefits, virtualization improves resource utilization through server consolidation, and provides for highly customizable computing envi­ ronments. However, virtualization also makes resource management more complex.

Golondrina, an autonomic resource management system, was built to use virtual machine migration and replication to handle resource stress situations (when resource demand is greater than resource availability).

Preliminary experiments show that replication offers improvements over migra­ tion, and both mechanisms offer improvements over taking no action upon a resource stress situation.

This work is one of the first ones in proposing a resource management system for operating system-level virtualized environments. Moreover, this is the first study that uses replication as an alternative to migration and compares both mechanisms.



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