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Master of Education




Dr. Rebecca Coulter


In contrast to the negative era of residential schooling during which efforts

were made to extinguish Aboriginal languages and culture, cultural revival is now regarded as a positive and desirable aspect of First Nations education. Through the use of an action research methodology, this thesis explores the development and implementation of a culturally relevant program in a First Nation classroom. The research is presented as a story of the journey an educator took, thereby respecting the First Nations' tradition of story telling as a teaching and learning method designed to promote understanding.

The research demonstrated that implementing a culturally relevant program in a First Nation classroom requires the use of a teacher-guided approach that utilizes community resources to ensure a program compatible with the community’s culture. Programming ran most smoothly when it allowed students to be active participants and engage in hands-on activities. Teacher reflections reinforced the findings of others that a culturally relevant program could instill confidence in students, improve classroom management, and provide growth for an educator in a First Nation classroom.



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