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Journal of Structural Fire Engineering

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Understanding the structural performance of external glass curtain walls (façades) during fire exposure is critical for the safety of the occupants, as their failure can lead to fire spread throughout the entire building. This concern is magnified by the recent increase in fire incidents and wildfires. This paper presents the first simplified technique to model single skin façades during fire exposure, and, then utilizes it to examine the structural behaviour of vertical, inclined, and oversized façade panels.


The proposed technique is based on conducting simplified heat transfer calculations, and, then utilizing a widely used structural analysis software to analyze the façade. Validation for the proposed technique with reference to available experimental and numerical studies by others are presented. A parametric study is then conducted to assess the structural performance of different glass façade systems during exposure to fire.


The proposed technique was found to provide accurate predictions of the structural performance of glass façades during fire exposure. The structural performance of inclined façade systems during fire exposure was found to be superior to vertical and oversized façade systems.


This research paper is the first to provide a simplified technique that can be utilized to model single skin facades under fire. The presented technique along with the conducted parametric study will improve the understanding of the fire behaviour of single skin glass facades, which will lead to safer applications.

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Badr, M., Youssef, M.A., El-Fitiany, S., Vedrtnam, A., 2022, "Structural performance of single-skin glass façade systems exposed to fire", Journal of Structural Fire Engineering,

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