Brescia Psychology Undergraduate Honours Theses

Date of Award

Winter 4-12-2021




Dr. Christine Tenk


With the emergence of COVID-19, a shift towards online learning has become necessary. At Brescia University College, mandatory Psychology courses, which have previously only been provided in person, are now only offered online. The purpose of the current study is to characterize previous and current course experiences, and the current classroom learning community of Brescia psychology students as well as investigate how forced online learning impacts their achievement as measured by perceived learning, final grade, and course satisfaction. Participants completed an online survey, which assembled questions from various sources, including the Community of Inquiry Survey. It is hypothesized that students with stronger feelings of social connection and classroom community will show higher academic achievement as measured by higher perceived learning, course satisfaction, and overall course grade. The results from this study indicate that teaching presence and cognitive presence may be more important predictors of perceived learning and course satisfaction, than social presence.

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