Scholarship@Western is an open access digital repository that collects, archives, preserves, and freely disseminates electronic copies of publications and other scholarly outputs by members of the Western University community. It aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and broaden the international recognition of Western’s academic excellence by providing open access to Western’s intellectual output and professional contributions.

Deposit in Scholarship@Western satisfies the Canadian Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications as well as requirements of other research funding bodies.

To facilitate long term preservation and access, Western Libraries requires non-exclusive permission to archive, preserve, reproduce, and freely disseminate a digital copy of all scholarly journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, and other materials that you wish to share. Just as we moved from microforms to PDFs, in future we may need to migrate to new formats to continue preservation and dissemination of research outputs. Scholarship@Western is delivered via the Bepress Digital Commons software solution.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact .

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