Most Recent Additions*


(Re)Grounding Grounded Theory: A Close Reading of Theory in Four Schools
Tavis Apramian, Sayra Cristancho, Chris Watling, and Lorelei Lingard


Gananoque damage report Photo 52
Marci Brady and Scott Weese


Cementation considerations for CAD/CAM all-ceramic restorations.
Maria Fidela de Lima Navarro, Maria Jacinta M.Coelho Santos, Rafael Francisco Lia Mondelli, and Jose Roberto Pereira Lauris


Hardening of dual-cure resin cements and a resin composite restorative cured with QTH and LED curing units
Gildo Coelho Santos, Omar El-Mowafy, Jose Henrique Rubo, and Maria Jacinta Moreas Coelho Santos


Hardening of a dual-cure resin cement using QTH and LED curing units
Maria Jacinta Moraes Coelho Santos, Sheila Pestana Passos, Monalisa Olga Lessa da Encarnação, Gildo Coelho Santos Junior, and Marco Antonio Bottino


Accuracy of mechanical torque devices for implants used in Brazilian dental offices
Gildo Coelho Santos, Sheila Pestana Passos, and Maria Jacinta Moraes Coelho Santos

*Updated as of 04/16/21.