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The Western Research Forum is the largest multidisciplinary graduate research conference at Western. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for graduate students to share their innovative work to a wide audience and discuss how their research transcends academic boundaries. What makes the Western Research Forum valuable and unique is that designed for researchers to engage with others outside their field, with the goal of exchanging thoughts and exploring ideas from various perspectives . We welcome abstract submissions from students of all disciplines for our next conference, themed Controversy: Challenging The Boundaries in Research.

IMPORTANT: You will need a Scholarship@Western account to submit your abstract. To create a Scholarship@Western account, please click HERE and select "Create new account".

Aims and Scope of the Forum

The aim of the Western Research Forum is to present original work whose focus is interdisciplinary in nature. All disciplines are acceptable as the Forum is open to all graduate student research at Western University. Contributions should highlight interdisciplinary connections.

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Western Research Forum 2018 "Controversy: Challenging The Boundaries in Research"
Western Research Forum 2017
The Western Research Forum 2017 was held on March 10, 2017.