Women's Studies and Feminist Research Presentations


The presentations in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research look at women, gender and minorities from an intersectional feminist perspective to investigate indigenous issues, LGBTQ studies and women’s rights throughout history and around the world.


Submissions from 2019


Defined by Both Absence and Presence: Virginity as a Marker of Girlhood, Rikki N. Bergen


Politicizing the Absence of Sex: Asexuality as a Tool for Radical Feminism, Rikki N. Bergen


Pornography: For Consumption, Not Creation: The Radical Nature of the Commercial Sex Industry, Rikki N. Bergen

Submissions from 2018


Not So Charming: Analyzing Disney’s Non-Hegemonic Male Characters, Rikki N. Bergen

Submissions from 2017

The Necropolitics of Indigenous Suicide, sandra biskupski-Mujanovic