Program for Western Migration Conference Series

Presentation Update: The 2011 conference link is available on the home page. To view the powerpoint presentations from this conference, please go to Western Migration Conference Presentations. This page will be further updated when 2013 Conference program information is available.

To view the 2011 conference program, please download the pdf file: WMC Program

To view the 2011 conference poster, please download the pdf file: WMC Poster

About the conference partners:

The Western Centre for Research on Migration and Ethnic Relations was established in 2008 in order to facilitate research and training that draws on academic knowledge to inform public policy and practice on migration and ethnic relations in Canada and internationally. The Centre includes the Collaborative Graduate Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations, in which students receive a graduate degree in a discipline-specific graduate program, as well as in the interdisciplinary program in Migration and Ethnic Relations. For more information, visit

The Canada-U.S. Institute, established in 2010, is the first interdisciplinary think tank in Canada devoted exclusively to studying the relationship between Canada and the United States. It focuses on the political, economic, legal, cultural, and historical dimensions of the Canada-U.S. relationship by undertaking research, policy development, and education. For more information, visit