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On Valentine's Day 2002, the world got a love letter. Researchers, librarians and policymakers got together and penned almost 1100 words of optimism with the hope of making knowledge freely available and accessible to anyone, anywhere. An old tradition and a new technology have converged to make possible and unprecedented public good. The old tradition is the willingness of scientists and scholars to publish the fruits of their research in scholarly journals without payment. For the sake of inquiry and knowledge. The new technology is the internet. The public good thing make possible is the worldwide electronic distribution of the peer reviewed journal literature and completely free and unrestricted access to it by all scientists, scholars, teachers, students, and other curious minds. These are the opening sentences of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, a public statement released on February 14 2002. It was one of the first formal declarations to make the dream of open access a reality. So what is open access mean for this community? Open Access literature is digital. It is online. It is free of charge and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Anyone can read, download, copy, distribute, and print them. The only condition authors get complete control over their work and have the right to be properly acknowledged and cited. Let's imagine for a moment a public service announcement for open access. Are you a researcher? Do you yearn for larger audiences increased visibility increased impact? Do you support a world where your work is freely available and accessible to anyone anywhere? Come to us the open access community and we will make it so? Are you a student with limited resources but unlimited curiosity? Don't you wish you could access cutting edge work? The latest discoveries and breakthroughs come to us. So open access community and discover millions of academic papers for free. Come get inspired.

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