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This Town Hall was held to seek feedback from the campus community on Western's Institutional Strategy to support Research Data Management.

Western’s draft Strategy was developed by the University’s Research Data Infrastructures Working Group in response to the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy, which lays out a number of new requirements on data management for researchers applying for federal funding. Although developed in response to this policy, the Strategy is intended to shape the future of Research Data Management at Western for all researchers, grant funded or not, student or faculty, regardless of discipline.

Matthew Lucas from SSHRC gave an introduction to the Tri-Agency policy on Research Data Management, and Research Data Management Librarian Kristi Thompson provided an overview of the draft strategy in its current draft form. Representatives from the Tri-Agency and a panel of members from the Research Data Infrastructures Working Group offered their perspectives and answered questions.

Western panelists: Jacqueline Burkell (Associate Vice-President, Research), Colin Couchman (Chief Data Officer), Brent Fowles (Director, Cyber Security and Business Services), Nicola Geoghegan-Morphet (Health Sciences Ethics Officer), Bobby Glushko (Associate Chief Librarian), Elizabeth Hill (Data Librarian), Kristi Thompson (RDM Librarian)

Tri-Agency Panelists: Matthew Lucas and Alexander Thistlewood, both from SSHRC.

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SSHRC-Tri-AgencyPolicy2023.pdf (586 kB)
Introduction to Tri-Agency Policy on Research Data Management

RDMStrategyTownHall.pdf (695 kB)
Introduction to Western's Institutional Strategy