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Ivey Breakfast TV presents: Western Heads East

Welcome to today's episode on Ivey Breakfast TV featuring a group of Western students who have created a comprehensive Western Heads East impact assessment. Let's take a look at what the program is all about. People from the west often focus on a skewed view of East Africa. I'm here to tell you a different story about how I was able to learn and be part of a thriving community program where empowered women contribute to sustainable economic development, maternal health, and community health nutrition of East Africa, and East Africa, we work alongside woman and community to implement a social enterprise model for the production of a probiotic yogurt called Fiti.

featuring Student Researchers

  • Shafeeq Baksh
  • Ella Chilton
  • Christine Elegado
  • Taja McLean
  • Victoria Quick
  • Chantelle Wong

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Western Heads East (WHE) (65 kB)
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