About WCSE

The biennial Western Conference for Science Education creates an ongoing organizational infrastructure that invites teaching and research faculty, librarians and other educational professionals, regardless of their experience level, to collaborate on the improvement of post-secondary Science education through the exchange of experience, innovation, ideas, and research in teaching and learning across disciplines.

Although situated in the context of Canadian higher education in Science, the Western Conference recognizes that fundamental issues in teaching and learning often transcend disciplinary, institutional, and national boundaries. Participation by colleagues working outside the country, or outside the traditional disciplines of Science, is welcome.

Specifically, the Western Conference for Science Education is designed to create and sustain an on-going organizational structure that:

  1. enhances a Science education community by enticing faculty and educational staff to venture out of their respective discipline-specific circles to meet, discuss, and collaborate with one another;
  2. promotes ongoing improvement in post-secondary Science education through support of a range of scholarly approaches to teaching and learning;
  3. contributes to the professional development of Science educators by providing access to educational leaders, resources, and training;
  4. promotes productive inter-relationships between educators and various private sector academic publishers, suppliers, technology providers etc;
  5. provides an avenue to share ideas, innovation, and research;
  6. ensures that Conference proceedings are archived and accessible.

Conferences are planned for every other year after 2013. On off-years, we encourage other colleagues, organizations and institutions to host synergistic events that benefit from, and in turn increase, the momentum created by the Western Conferences.

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Tom Haffie, WCSE Chair, Biology Department,
Western University, London, ON Canada
, 519-661-2111, ext. 86502

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Accommodation & Travel

London is easily accessible by the 401 highway, VIA rail, Greyhound bus and London International Airport. If you choose to fly into Pearson or Detroit Metro airports, Robert Q Airbus offers a 15% discount on airport shuttle service. Contact them through this site www.robertq.com and quote conference discount code #2059.

Accommodation is available in campus residence facilities through the Western Bed and Breakfast program at http://www.stayatwestern.ca/

Hotel-style suites are available on the edge of campus at Windermere Manor (15 minute walk). http://www.windermeremanor.com/accommodations.htm

Among several downtown hotels, Station Park Inn is a popular choice for campus visitors. It is about a 30 min walk to campus. Public transit is also available on this route. http://www.stationparkinn.ca/

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